Griego - A Mouthpiece Line for the Discerning Musician

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Griego Mouthpieces designs and manufactures a complete line of authentic, inspired, performance equipment for orchestral, commercial and jazz musicians. We are a family-owned company committed to designing and producing the best equipment imaginable.

Griego Artist Series

Our primary objective in creating the Griego Artist line was to provide you with not only a great mouthpiece, but also a great mouthpiece series. We have taken great care to keep the specifications of the original Griego-Alessi mouthpieces exact without the Alessi name. Use the number system to find the right cup diameter for your individual face needs. Then find the best cup depth to get even sound in all the registers.

Latest News

Explaining Backbore

I sat down to go into further detail about mouthpiece backbore. What it is, what it does, and the effects changing a backbore can have on all mouthpieces. The sound comes from the cup and the throat but the flow of the air comes from the backbore. All key components when designing different mouthpieces for […]