4.5 Nouveau

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When I work on the T396-A trombone I always play a Griego mouthpiece or often one of my competitors to feel/hear what you do when you are playing.

Today I was testing a T396-A with a 4.5 Nouveau and man did it sing. Easy in all registers and beautiful sound (even for me). I think for the solo playing this combination works pretty darn well.

Enjoy these pieces, they are meant to be played.


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  1. ted rachofsky says:

    Dear Christian,
    I talked to you at the ITA convention in Austin. At that time you said that there would not be any major changes in the new Alessi mouthpiece (the old one being the JA1.5). If there’s no major changes I’d like to know when and where I could try the new model. Thanks, Ted

  2. Alexander Jones says:

    Personally, I love these mouthpieces. I bought one about six months ago, and it’s been nothing be great to me. It really sings in the upper register. It’s not quite as open in the low register as my go to mouthpiece, or as dark and rich sounding, but I feel that my response and clarity in the upper and middle register is just so much clearer when playing this piece. I would suggest anyone who is on the market for a new mouthpiece give these a try. You can’t really go wrong.

    Alex Jones

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