Shipping November 3-10

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The delivery department is taking a long needed vacation tomorrow through the 10th. This means any order placed during this period will not ship until the 11th.

We pride ourselves in quick delivery but even the best employee’s need a break now and then.

For me, you’ll find me at the machine making new product getting ready for the upcoming launch of the Alessi line.

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  1. LEE NA RI says:


    I am korean people and majors tenor trombone.
    I used griego large bore tenor trombone deco, cs5 type , model 5 as mouthpieces.
    I saw griego new proto-type mouthpieces through trombone cafe.
    I want that proto type mouthpieces if possible.
    Would you tell me whether your company sell me that proto-type mouthpieces as same size of large bore deco type, model 5.

    Na ri,lee

  2. ted rachofsky says:

    Dear Friend,
    The price of your large bore trombone mouthpieces is $150. When the new Alessi model comes out (the one that’s simiar to the old 1.5M) how much will it cost and when can I try one. Thanks and have a nice Thanksgiving, Ted

  3. Akira Suzuki says:

    When can people order the Alessi models ?

  4. Lynn Welshman says:

    Will you have a bass bone mp in the new Alessi line? (I have your .5 and love it.)
    – L.W.

  5. Nathaniel Burnham says:

    I have this mouthpiece and it is by far the best mouthpiece I have ever had. It is so much easier to jump from partial to partial on this mouthpice compared to others I have such as the Bach 5G and Bach 6 1/2 AL. It’s tone is wonderful and it honestly just feels more natural than all the others. I love Griego mouthpieces and will purchase another shallow cup for solos!

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