A Little Eye Candy

Posted December 10th, 2010 by Joshua Brown in Company News | 5 Comments »

We know some of you have been curious about our progress on the new Alessi line. Here’s the fruit of Christan’s and Joe’s labor.

Griego Alessi Mouthpiece

5 Responses to “A Little Eye Candy”

  1. Everett Hardy says:

    Ready to buy. Played a prototype in Austin.
    Website coming soon I hope.

  2. ted rachofsky says:

    Dear Friends,
    Thanks for the picture. Where can I try one out? How much do they cost? Where can I buy one? Thanks, Ted

  3. chuck musholt says:

    classy and classic yet distinctive.

    i like the flat-ish rim. and what’s going on just inside the lip of the rim??

    when are these available?

  4. ted rachofsky says:

    I’ll be in Chicago this weekend. Can I try out and buy the new Alessi mouthpiece?

  5. john kim says:

    when will they be released??

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