Alessi Update

Posted December 29th, 2010 by Christan Griego in Uncategorized | 8 Comments »

Boxes should be here by Friday, yes the hold up is packaging. We’ll be packing inventory and shipping to dealers the first week of 2011. We’re launching only the large bore mouthpieces at this time. We do have plans for small bore but one thing at a time.

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  1. Austin says:

    Will you have the new mouthpieces at the IMEA All-State conference in January?

  2. Jordan says:


  3. available, and in what sizes (rim width, cup depth, etc.)
    Thanks, Bob Wigness

  4. john f milam says:

    christian, i just wanted to let you know i have been practicing with the new 7f alesse model mouth piece and it is very responsive in the high register as well as mid register. i am still working on the low register as i am sure just takes getting my embouchure set again. this mouth piece is magnificant addition for any trombonist who suffered as i did in the high register. you can hit the notes and very precisely with hardly any pressure. just wanted to let you know you have a winner in this model trombone mouthpiece. are you making a small bore model also.? trumpet too? see you at tmea in san antonio, john f milam p. s. this is my new email address and it should go through but may not be able to read or answer until after wenesday 19th

  5. Walter Wantman says:

    Good morning. What is the availability of the new Alessi model 3C large bore mouthpiece – preferably in gold.

    Thank you

  6. sergei says:

    Alessi № №3 ?

  7. gianluca scipioni says:

    Dear Christan,
    I’m Gianluca Scipioni from Italy. How are you?
    You know, I ‘m interesting to buy the Alessi model, have you some news about when are available? There is a differen misure of rim and cup?
    Have a good days

  8. Gregory says:

    When I will be able to buy it??

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