Griego Authorized Dealers

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First, I want to let everyone know I appreciate all the kind emails I received after launching the Alessi’s. It was a lot of fun working with Joe to create a new line for our customers.

We are working hard to keep up with all the orders coming in from our dealers and our online store. For those of you that are still on the fence about your purchase, please consider these Griego Authorized Dealers. They all stock our mouthpieces and provide great customer service.

I will be at the ETW next week and look forward to working with those of you that will be attending.


7 Responses to “Griego Authorized Dealers”

  1. Michael Zion says:

    Hi Christian,

    Hope all is well. I am looking forward to trying your new Alessi mouthpieces. I currently play the Greg Black Alessi 5.5 regular weight. Is the 4M close in specs to that model? Thanks. I just want to get an idea before I order one. Take care.

    Mike Zion

  2. Good morning,

    We are interested in distributing your mouthpieces. Is it possible to get the information on your selling conditions, costs and any related information.

    Look forward to receiving your response,

    Best Regards,


  3. Hola, necesito adquirir una boquilla de Griego-Alessi para obtener un sonido brillante , que me pueda ayudar a lograr notas agudas, para tocar musica popular como el jazz etc………………………. quería saber cual es la similitud de las siguientes boquillas: 1A Griego-Alessi, 3A Griego-Alessi , 5A Griego-Alessi, 7A Griego-Alessi, con la 12c bach………… ayúdenme gracias. mi email :

  4. Gordon Handte says:

    Hi, from what I hear every body loves your griego-alessi mouthpiece line , and I was was wondering which one of your moupieces you would suggest for me (9th grader) I play on a large bore trombone?


  5. Roberto Implatini says:

    hello, what are the resellers in Italy?

  6. Ken Haddix says:


    I currently play a Greg Black/Alessi 5.5. Do you have a mouthpiece similar to that one with a slightly smaller throat?



  7. André Fonseca says:

    Good afternoon.
    I’m portuguese.
    Griego CS5 have a mouthpiece which I feel very happy to play with her.
    I wonder what the Griego mouthpieces-Alessi is closer to what I have Griego
    with best regards André Fonseca

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