Griego End of Year Hours

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We are shutting down December 15 through January 1st.

You will be able to find us at Midwest Band Convention this week in Chicago.

We have a lot to do to get ready for 2015, and so we ask that you purchase any last minute Christmas Gifts through our Stocking Dealers.

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  1. Matthew Williams says:

    Hello Christian,

    I will likely be buying an Edwards this summer. I am a freelance bass trombonist and teacher in Mexico City. Ive been playing in orchestras down here for 15 years. For the last 6 years or so Ive been playing on a Doug Yeo Xeno and Signature mouthpiece, but feel like I could do better.

    I’m interested in the new Markey horn, and would like any thoughts about mouthpiece pairings to try out this summer. I will be at the factory in mid July.

    Or if you recommend sticking with the piece Im using now (which Im fairly happy with) while trying out the horns… and then change to another piece at a later date if it seems necessary…?

    Thanks, matthew

  2. walter Estorello says:

    Hola señores: estoy interesado en una boquilla griego alessis 4C quisiera saber el precio de la boquilla, el envío hasta argentina, y la forma de pago. desde ya muchas gracias. saludos.

  3. Hey Christan,

    Long time no see. All is well in the Big Easy. I hope all is well with you. I’ve had many great years playing my Edwards that you built for me at the NOLA Trombone fest. It remains my comfort food but careers change and new gigs present new challenges. I journeyed to the frigid location of DJ Kennedy’s “Trombone Shangri La” this past winter. I was filled with curiosity and excitement to experience what is becoming a legendary trombone player destination. I was searching for a Silvertone and as luck would have it he received one the night before I arrived. It was a cold December day. I entered “the art house” as he calls it and immediately was overcome by the multitude of trombone body parts strewn about from ceiling to floor. It was something else. I played 20-25 horns. I left with a 1935 King 2B Liberty and a 1945 King 2B Silvertone. Since then, I’ve been performing with many different groups. The Edwards works well in certain applications but not all. Maybe, that’s just me, but I wanted a horn to help me in other musical settings. I tried Craig’s King 2Bs and they felt good. So that’s why I bought more horns. And it’s a good thing, because I just got back from a tour with Bonerama. I subbed for Greg Hicks who’s wife Michelle just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Evangeline Jolie and he could not leave town. What a fantastic experience! They pushed me to my limits and I loved every minute of it. Man that some fun stuff! The boys can rock!!! Anyway, I’m playing with several other bands and I’m looking for a mouthpiece for my King 2B Silvertone. I actually had about 5 different mouthpieces that I was considering taking on the tour and I ultimately chose my Griego 7 that I’ve been playing all these years with my Edwards. WHY you might ask? It helped me with the lower register on the Silvertone, but at the same time it made me work real hard in the upper register. I also think that my embouchure felt comfortable with it. It worked fine for me, but I had to work hard at times match Craig and Mark upstairs. My question to you is, after my obnoxiously long story, can you recommend a mouthpiece for my King 2B Slivertone that will help my lower register speak as well a give me help upstairs? I do realize that I will have to perhaps make some adjustments, but I’m willing to learn.

    All the best to you Christan.

    By the way… Steve Wiest is the brother of my nephew Dr. Andrew Weist!

    Small world huh?


  4. Ken Upchurch says:

    I was interested in the price of the Griego-Alessi Large Bore tenor trombone mouthpiece.

    Thanks, Ken

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