Ian Bousfield

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In 2013 I developed the 4147-IB Tenor trombone with Ian Bousfield for Getzen Instrument Co. At the time Ian had been working on developing a mouthpiece line that had started before the instrument designwork.

Fast forward to 2015 and discussions were had about the possiblity of moving manufacturing to the USA with GSI LLC (Griego Sound Inventions LLC) and pushing the designs forward. This led me to work on his mouthpiece line.

There are many new creations that are going to be offered within his line of mouthpieces. The redesign brought new aspects that allow us to bring his complete approach to the forefront. From small changes to the outside of the mouthpiece to more drastic internal changes, the pieces play great.

We are working with our dealer/distributor network to make sure these are near you to test. If your local dealers do not have them, ask them to get them for you.

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  1. Joe Terry says:

    I purchased a 4147IB trombone and the mouthpiece that came with it is a Griego CS 5. 2 questions:: what are the specs on this mouthpiece and do you make it in a larger cup diameter? I like the design, but can’t find anything on your site that is like this piece.
    Thank you,
    Joe Terry

  2. Dan Louton says:

    I am interested in becoming a dealer. Please advise on the procedure.

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