Onward to 2020

Posted December 14th, 2019 by Christan Griego in Company News, General, Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

We’ve been working on a few projects in 2019 and we’re launching them all here at the end of the year.

1. Toby Oft’s mouthpieces have proven themselves under the gun for the past year and so we’re letting them be available on our shopping cart, or through our dealer network that offers trial periods.

2. Brian Bowman mouthpieces are now available again from our dealers and on our online shopping cart.  We are excited to continue manufacturing this mouthpiece to the exacting standards the line is known for.

3. Alessi 6 series small shank are just now coming off the machine and will be available as well shortly. If not on our cart they will be available through our dealers/distributors. We will be working toward getting them on our shopping cart as well.

4. Our Cleaning rod that was light and small will be available again in January of 2020. Keep checking back on our website for all these updated products.

5. Classic Bousfield line, the Bousfield line will be offering a deeper cup for those that demand it. We will be shipping these in January to dealers/distributors everywhere around the world.

There’s a ton of things we’re working on still so make sure to keep in the loop by following us on the FB’s, and wherever else you can find us.

See you at Midwest next week if you’re going.


2 Responses to “Onward to 2020”

  1. Harry says:


    I’m very interested in the new offering for the Bousfield line. I asked in the past about something similar to the Alessi 1C, but with the amazing Bousfield V3/O3 rim. Will the new mouthpiece be something like that? An O3 rim with the Alessi 1C cup and throat/backbore would be incredible.

  2. James Scott says:

    Hi Christan –

    Can someone from Griego Mpcs. let me know when the deeper Bousfield mouthpieces are available? I’m very interested in trying one as soon as you have them for sale. Thanks!

    Jim Scott

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