Practice techniques with Dave Taylor

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I was on a trip to NY recently and sat down to talk shop with Dave Taylor. I wanted to make sure I asked him all the questions I get asked, and Dave did not hold back. I asked Dave to share his warmup techniques, his practicing style, and how he uses each one of the David Taylor line of Griego Mouthpieces.

Dave and I have known each other for over 26 years, and we are always learning new things from one another. Dave has always started with a quick warm up followed by a 20-minute rest. I was able to explain to him why that is such a huge key to him successfully playing for hour long concerts.

It’s a long video but Dave Taylor if anything, is one of the most entertaining people in the industry. So, sit back and enjoy…

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  1. gianfranco says:

    hi, I’m a bass trombonist, I listened to your interview with Dave Taylor, I’m a huge admirer of his, I would like to know if Dave uses different mouthpieces, and which ones, in his repertoire or does he only use one, I play in a symphony orchestra and I sometimes find myself in difficulty with the various pieces, is it right to change the mouthpiece? I add that I am self-taught and I learned the bass trombone from records… unfortunately thanks for the answer, I currently play Schilke 58 and 59

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