Practice Rims | Why You Need Them

Posted February 9th, 2024 by Christan Griego in Tips | No Comments »

So many people have different opinions about buzzing vs not buzzing. We believe in buzzing and feel if done correctly, it can aid in increasing the beauty in your sound. We make individual mouthpiece rim sizes so that when you buzz it’s the same rim as the mouthpiece you play on, without the compression of the mouthpiece.

This rim tool strips away all the compression and allows you to hear exactly what the lips are doing. This practice tool can help you discover the muscle memory needed to stop missing the center of the notes. Once you are in the center of the pitch with a nice buzz you will be amazed at how much better your sound will become. Be very aware of body tension as this is the enemy of good sound. Try to get out of the way and relax so that what is happening is more natural.


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