Upcoming Shows

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It’s time to get out and show the world what we’ve been up to.  Next week we load up the shop truck to go to Chicago and Midwest.  Drop by the Edwards/Getzen booth to say hello and try some fun equipment.

In January we’ll be in Florida for FMEA with Getzen/Edwards.

After FMEA we’ll be in Anaheim for the NAMM convention.  It’s predominantly a dealer show, so if you have a local dealer that doesn’t stock Griego products tell them to drop by Getzen/Edwards booth and talk to us about becoming a stocking dealer.  We’re always looking for good dealers in your region.


February brings on TMEA in San Antonio,  a great show for us and we’re excited to get somewhere warm by this time of winter in Wisconsin.


March is ATW (American Trombone Workshop) in Washington DC.  Get your competition chops up to date and go to the nations capitol to participate in the bonefest that’s arguably the best trombone workshop in the nation (tip, it’s free).



Dave Taylor Mouthpieces

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The mouthpieces of Dave Taylor are unique to any other bass trombone mouthpieces I’ve ever played or made. How so? Well they are fast, how fast? JJ Fast? Seriously fast is the answer. 0-60 db in .002 seconds.

When I read a mouthpiece brochure it says pretty much the same thing for every mouthpiece. Let me guess, quick response, improved upper register, improved lower register, improved….. insert your own description here.

I try to work with artists that have something unique to offer to the marketplace. David Taylors contribution is derived from the disco era. Speed of response was necessary in order to get the front of the notes where they needed to be. Don’t be found behind the beat, play something fast. Develop those notes quickly so your articulation isn’t an issue….

Onward to 2020

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We’ve been working on a few projects in 2019 and we’re launching them all here at the end of the year.

1. Toby Oft’s mouthpieces have proven themselves under the gun for the past year and so we’re letting them be available on our shopping cart, or through our dealer network that offers trial periods.

2. Brian Bowman mouthpieces are now available again from our dealers and on our online shopping cart.  We are excited to continue manufacturing this mouthpiece to the exacting standards the line is known for.

3. Alessi 6 series small shank are just now coming off the machine and will be available as well shortly. If not on our cart they will be available through our dealers/distributors. We will be working toward getting them on our shopping cart as well.

4. Our Cleaning rod that was light and small will be available again in January of 2020. Keep checking back on our website for all these updated products.

5. Classic Bousfield line, the Bousfield line will be offering a deeper cup for those that demand it. We will be shipping these in January to dealers/distributors everywhere around the world.

There’s a ton of things we’re working on still so make sure to keep in the loop by following us on the FB’s, and wherever else you can find us.

See you at Midwest next week if you’re going.


Christmas 2016

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Griego Mouthpieces last day of shipping today 12/18/2016. Any Christmas orders that are urgent, please contact one of our respected dealers. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will start shipping again on January 2nd.

Griego Mouthpieces Shipping in September

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We are attending the Alessi Seminar and visiting dealers the 30th of August through the 9th of September.

This means we will be shutting down during this period for deliveries.

Please visit our dealers/distributors during this time for your Griego needs.



Christan Griego

Ian Bousfield

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In 2013 I developed the 4147-IB Tenor trombone with Ian Bousfield for Getzen Instrument Co. At the time Ian had been working on developing a mouthpiece line that had started before the instrument designwork.

Fast forward to 2015 and discussions were had about the possiblity of moving manufacturing to the USA with GSI LLC (Griego Sound Inventions LLC) and pushing the designs forward. This led me to work on his mouthpiece line.

There are many new creations that are going to be offered within his line of mouthpieces. The redesign brought new aspects that allow us to bring his complete approach to the forefront. From small changes to the outside of the mouthpiece to more drastic internal changes, the pieces play great.

We are working with our dealer/distributor network to make sure these are near you to test. If your local dealers do not have them, ask them to get them for you.

Griego End of Year Hours

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We are shutting down December 15 through January 1st.

You will be able to find us at Midwest Band Convention this week in Chicago.

We have a lot to do to get ready for 2015, and so we ask that you purchase any last minute Christmas Gifts through our Stocking Dealers.

NAMM 2014

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I’ll be in Anaheim for the 2014 NAMM. I’m sharing the booth with Getzen and will be wearing my Getzen hat. If you want to come by to test, talk, and hang out please do.

Small Bore Nouveau for the New Year

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Many have noticed the beautiful (lighter) blank the SW was recently released in. This blank is the long awaited small bore Nouveau blank and is now available for you in all of our small bore sizes. Enjoy.

Phone Number

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We are changing services and the porting has left us in no man’s land. Please call (414) 698-3803 this week while we work out the details. Texts are also accepted.

Beth has taken a week of vacation so we will not be processing/shipping mouthpiece orders the week of 10/28/2013-11/3/2013. Thanks for your understanding.