How to fix compression issues

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I answer one of your questions on fixing a compression issue.


Explaining Compression

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Christan walks us through what compression means and what affects it. Keep your questions coming and until then enjoy this video.


Why your mouthpiece doesn’t sound good

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Christan explains the importance of checking for gaps with your mouthpiece and leadpipe. It’s the crucial first step in developing your sound with equipment.


Chris Bassett’s Secrets to Success

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Sitting down with Santa Fe Opera bass trombonist and acting bass trombone in the St. Louis Symphony I talked to Chris about his auditioning process from school to his professional career and what his tips are for that process. We also discuss what’s coming up next and you’re not going to want to miss it!


The Design Process of a Mouthpiece

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Christan is working on designing a new line of mouthpieces for Getzen Company’s Eterna Series. In this video he goes into detail about his thought process and why he makes the decisions he makes when designing a mouthpiece.



Practice techniques with Dave Taylor

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I was on a trip to NY recently and sat down to talk shop with Dave Taylor. I wanted to make sure I asked him all the questions I get asked, and Dave did not hold back. I asked Dave to share his warmup techniques, his practicing style, and how he uses each one of the David Taylor line of Griego Mouthpieces.

Dave and I have known each other for over 26 years, and we are always learning new things from one another. Dave has always started with a quick warm up followed by a 20-minute rest. I was able to explain to him why that is such a huge key to him successfully playing for hour long concerts.

It’s a long video but Dave Taylor if anything, is one of the most entertaining people in the industry. So, sit back and enjoy…

Bowman Mouthpieces

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The past two years we’ve prepared for this moment. Dr. Brian Bowman’s mouthpieces are now available through all of your Griego Mouthpiece Dealers. If you know of a Dealer that carried Bowman mouthpieces before but is not a Griego Dealer, no problem. Have them contact us at to get set up.

Trombone Cleaning Rod Now Available

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I preferred “Clean ‘N Go”, but when I Googled the name, it came up as a car wash in many states, so I had to go with what the webmaster and wife told me to do. Boring, but will help with searches for “Trombone Cleaning Rod” and people that do not know about Griego products.

We made 100 of these back in 2017 and sold them all by word of mouth. We got nothing but great feedback so we decided it was time to release them to the world. It’s nice to have a handle, and it’s very nice to have a small 6″ container that carries your cleaning rod.

Watch this video to make sure you’re loading the cleaning rod with cheesecloth correctly and using the cleaning rod correctly. Be careful to not overextend the cleaning rod and dent your end crook accidentally.

If you ever have any questions please ask them before you try something that could be wrong.

here to purchase your own Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)

Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)

Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)

Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)

USPS Shipping during Covid Crisis

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We wish our customers nothing but health during these current times.  Due to the pandemic that is going around the world we are currently unable to ship to the following countries.


Please view the link before making your purchases.  We appreciate your business and can not wait for things to be back to normal.  Please support your local brick and mortar stores that are Griego Dealers.


See you sometime in the future.


Christan Griego



NAMM 2020

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Griego Mouthpieces will be going to NAMM in Anaheim California with mouthpiece kits. We are sharing booth space with Getzen Instrument Company, and Edwards Instrument Company.

Many of you know that I’ve worked at Getzen/Edwards the past 21 years and built mouthpieces at GSI on the side. Griego Sound Inventions is what GSI stands for if you’re interested.

It’s been a crazy 17 years of making mouthpieces and we’re still having fun. Drop by and test the new mouthpieces.

If you know that your local dealer is going and you cannot, ask them to drop by and see if they will stock some Griego Mouthpieces so you don’t have to become a dealer and get into NAMM.