4.5 Nouveau

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When I work on the T396-A trombone I always play a Griego mouthpiece or often one of my competitors to feel/hear what you do when you are playing.

Today I was testing a T396-A with a 4.5 Nouveau and man did it sing. Easy in all registers and beautiful sound (even for me). I think for the solo playing this combination works pretty darn well.

Enjoy these pieces, they are meant to be played.


What mouthpiece should I purchase

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The answer is always “the one that works best for your needs”.  Ok, that’s me being Captain Obvious but in all seriousness it sometimes is that easy.  Other times you might have to think a bit about what you are after.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “what’s the difference between NY & Deco shapes?  Is it only cosmetic?”.  Now with the Nouveau blank it could get more difficult to choose… or is it.  The shapes (Blank is what I call outer shape) are unique, but it’s not just the shape that is different, it is the weight of the mouthpiece.  The weight of the mouthpiece really does control many things in the sound and feel of the instrument.

A heavier blank (Deco) will provide a very stable feel and if your instrument is not very stable feeling this is the mouthpiece for you.  The sound is also very rich and centered aiding in projection.  This all sounds perfect, why would you want anything else but “rich and centered”?  Well if your horn is a very centered and stable instrument then this style mouthpiece might double up with your instrument and make the overall sound confined and not allow you to shape the notes the way you want in timbre and color.

The NY blank is my medium or standard weight mouthpiece.  It has a very neutral approach and is not heavy or light.  The sound is wider than the Deco with a bit more highs on the outside of the sound than the Deco,  and this style of mouthpiece is a safe bet if you read all of this information and still can’t make a decision.

The Nouveau blank is a very light mouthpiece that is designed to open up instruments that blow a bit  tighter and are overly centered.  The sound is the most wide and brilliant of the three styles of mouthpieces.

The one thing to realize is your style of air.  If you blow very slow hot air and tend to be really dark sounding without enough clarity then you should consider a smaller mouthpiece in a lighter style blank to focus in your sound and help with clarity within sound and articulation.

If you play with very fast air and tend towards being bright and a bit explosive then consider a heavier style blank to keep the sound centered in the higher dynamics and the upper overtones from being too prevalent in the sound.

Everything is about balance and understanding what you want in feel and sound.   There are enough options within this line to fit most any trombone player.  If not, then just wait for the Alessi line and then you will have even more options to think about.

All large bore in Nouveau style now available

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We’ve got the large bore complete. Nouveau blanks are now available in all large bore tenor and bass models. The .75 model is currently out of stock but will be replenished this week.

Small bore nouveau will be completed in the upcoming month.

There’s a lot on the horizon with the upcoming launch of Alessi mouthpieces, and a new design concept that’s showing a lot of promise (fingers crossed).

Keep up the practice and enjoy the new toys.


Alessi Project Update

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We’ve received many inquiries about the coming Alessi line, so I decided to fill everyone in. Yes, we are working on the new mouthpieces and I’m really excited about our progress. Joe was just in Elkhorn for a couple of days of instrument and mouthpiece development. It went well — discoveries were made that should benefit us all.

After Joe went home, I went to New York City this past Tuesday for another round of mega mouthpiece testing. On my way into Lincoln Center, I saw Dave Taylor talking on his cell and went over to chat for a bit. It’s always great to see Dave.

Once the orchestra went on a lunch break, we started in on the mouthpieces. Amanda Stewart stuck around to lend us her ears. When rehearsal started back up, I headed out for lunch and ran into Weston Sprott. We had a great time talking shop/life/training.

After lunch it was back to the much improved Juilliard School for more mouthpiece work. This time, Dave Finlayson joined us and we quickly nailed down the winners and losers. After taking tons of notes, it was back to the airport for dinner and plane ride home.

We’re now moving on to other mouthpiece sizes. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be unveiling some new features that have never been offered in any mouthpiece line. It’s a ton of work, but very rewarding. Thanks for your patience!

Alessi Line

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Just finished a good two days with Joseph Alessi in house. We made quite a few varieties of mouthpieces, tested and now it’s back to NYC for more testing.

We’re making progress and hope to launch in June (my hope anyways). I’m learning a lot as we go through the R&D and that’s always the fun of it.

Thanks for being patient, we’re working on it. The wait will be worth it.

New Nouveau’s available

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We’ve been working hard on a few projects, one of which is completing all models in Nouveau style. Now all large bore tenor and bass models are completed and available for purchase. Josh will be updating the site shortly.

If you need something more quickly feel free to give me a call at 262 949 1924 to place your order. Best time is 12-1 central time or 4:30-6pm central time due to my day job at Edwards. If I don’t pick up please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

Next up is small bore mouthpieces. Tuba mouthpieces are done in Deco and Nouveau blanks. Call to order these. It’s gonna take some work to get all the content done for the website. Sorry for the inconvenience tuba guys.

Griego Christmas Deliveries

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The Midwest band convention is the week of the 16th. I am hoping to have a few prototype Alessi/Griego models there for people to test.

Since I am going to be at Midwest, Beth Griego (my delivery specialist) is going home to visit family in New Mexico with our newest addition Ava.

Due to this schedule any order placed before December 11th will be shipped out before the 16th.

Any order placed after December 11th will not ship out until the week of December 28th.

I am traveling to see family in New Mexico after the Midwest Band Convention.

Have a great holiday season and I look forward to working with all of you in 2010.

Plating: Sound Vs Feel

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Many people swear that gold plating sounds darker than silver plating. I am not sure that this is true, but I do know that gold is a lot softer on the chops. Not only is it softer but it is a bit more smooth and so many people find this comforting.

Personally I grew up playing on silver plate and so I continue to. I like the feeling it provides at the point of contact and know that gold plate leaves me feeling a bit insecure with the anchor point.

While I do not think that either plating changes the sound enough to quantify. I do think it is worth taking note of which surface your face prefers to come in contact with. It could be your changing mouthpieces due to the plating choice and not the mouthpiece itself. Maybe…

Using Our PayPal Shopping Cart

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When we re-launched our site a few weeks ago, you undoubtedly noticed a new shopping cart. We decided a move away from our previous cart to PayPal would benefit both our customers and us. We’re saving money in server costs, payment gateways, etc., and our customers are still able to purchase our products using a completely safe and trusted shopping cart.

I wanted to mention that you don’t have to have a PayPal account in order to purchase from our site. Once you click the checkout button, you’ll be directed to a page where you can log in to PayPal (on the right) or pay by credit card.  The latter option is much less obvious, so simply look for the following:

Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue

If you’d rather conduct your transaction over the phone, please call us at (262) 949-1924.

Nouveau and Tuba Mouthpieces

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We’ve been pretty busy lately with the web site and shopping cart relaunch, new invoicing software, shopping for a new CNC, developing the Nouveau blanks, etc., but I wanted to take time to answer some common questions we’ve been receiving lately.

Nouveau Model

Right now we’re only offering a few mouthpieces in the Nouveau blank, but we will eventually offer every model in our newest design.  It won’t be all at once, so please be patient with us.

Tuba Models

You’ll also notice a lack of tuba mouthpieces on the new site. We temporarily removed them as our inventory was really low. We’re also going to make a few modifications to the line before we re-release them. They should go back on sale sometime this summer.

I am excited about getting the new CNC machine set up so we can add to our existing line. Thanks for all the support over the years.  I’m looking forward to continuing to make great mouthpieces for low brass musicians.