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Bowman Mouthpieces

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

The past two years we’ve prepared for this moment. Dr. Brian Bowman’s mouthpieces are now available through all of your Griego Mouthpiece Dealers. If you know of a Dealer that carried Bowman mouthpieces before but is not a Griego Dealer, no problem. Have them contact us at to get set up.

Trombone Cleaning Rod Now Available

Monday, June 15th, 2020

I preferred “Clean ‘N Go”, but when I Googled the name, it came up as a car wash in many states, so I had to go with what the webmaster and wife told me to do. Boring, but will help with searches for “Trombone Cleaning Rod” and people that do not know about Griego products.

We made 100 of these back in 2017 and sold them all by word of mouth. We got nothing but great feedback so we decided it was time to release them to the world. It’s nice to have a handle, and it’s very nice to have a small 6″ container that carries your cleaning rod.

Watch this video to make sure you’re loading the cleaning rod with cheesecloth correctly and using the cleaning rod correctly. Be careful to not overextend the cleaning rod and dent your end crook accidentally.

If you ever have any questions please ask them before you try something that could be wrong.

here to purchase your own Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)

Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)

Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)

Trombone Cleaning Rod (TCR 3000)